Writing 101 – Serially Found

I’m getting dangerously close to finishing my book about my trip to Italy back in 2012. I say dangerously close because this is the point at which I generally drop the ball and despite my good intentions, I don’t finish the job. If I know I do this, then why do I do this? I wish I knew, but the warning signs are there. I can feel them creeping up behind me, laughing mischievously like a little child who thinks he’s playing a joke on me, but the reality is, there is no fooling me. I’m just a fool naturally.

But enough about me, really, and on to the subject (prompt) in hand. If you would like you can look at the first few paragraphs as commercial interruptions of sorts. They help to get my creativity juices going especially if the prompts leave me scratching my head help. The last couple of prompts haven’t exactly inspired, but then again I’ve been busy working on my book that it’s been easy to ignore wordpress for a bit.

Today’s prompt is called Serially Found in which we can write about finding something. I can’t put my finger on why this prompt leaves me wanting. Perhaps it’s a bit too broad, leaving me with too many possibilities.

I could write about finding my charm bracelet more than a year after it went missing. Or about my friend’s uncanny ability to find things that go MIA around here. If I’ve misplace something, I can count on her to find it. I could write about how I’m constantly losing things in my room which is funny because it’s not a very big room so there aren’t many places for things to go.

I could write about God’s faithfulness in looking for the lost, but I don’t feel prepared right now to give it the dues it deserves.  I could write about how when I lose something, I always, always take it to God. If I don’t find the said object right away, I give the whole thing to God. I know He knows exactly where the object is that I’m missing so if it be His will, would he lead me to the object. I always have confidence that He will and He almost always does. I could write about how I lose track of time. It takes me a moment to figure out what day of the week it is. This always frustrates me.

So where am I going with this? I’m not really sure now. I had an idea in mind, but here’s something pretty funny if you think about it, I lost my train of thought and now I feel as though I’m rambling just for the sake of writing something, anything. Instead, I’ll end this torture here and go back to my book about Italy so I can actually finish it because I’m determined to do so.

From there, I’ll finish up a few more Steller stories and then come back to my Blurb books. It’s going to be good times. I won’t lose my momentum. If I do, I’ll do my best to find it again.

Over and out!