On My Own Again – But Not Really

Going to try something new today. A few things, actually. First, I’m starting my morning off with some writing exercises. Second, I’m not using the daily prompt from WordPress’s Writing 101. What’s the occasion? Why am I such a rebel?

Well, a few weeks ago, my habit of eating in bed got the best of me or better said it got the best of my keyboard. For the past six or seven months I’ve been using a mini-external keypad. It allows me to type faster and works better on some websites I frequent. Alas, food of some sort became lodged inside the keyboard so that I was not able to use the letters, V & B.

One doesn’t realize how much these two innoculous little letters are used until you can’t use them. Not a major problem, I thought as I had another keyboard that I rendered obsolete in favor of the keyboard I had been using. I was able to locate the other keyboard, bought the necessary double AA batteries and gave everything to Matthew to install.

Apparently, somewhere between the time when I stopped using the keyboard and now, the batteries went dead and corosion set in, making this keyboard as useless as a rock. This sent me to Amazon to check out keyboards. After putting a keyboard or two in my shopping cart, I decided I didn’t need a keyboard after all.

Imagine my surprise and confusion when not one, but two keyboards showed up in a package with a few other things yesterday. Turns out I didn’t remove the keyboards like I thought I had. It took all of a second for me to decide to keep at least one of them. After all, I can type faster and readily access more sites than I do without a keyboard. Hence the past on WordPress today.

It also helps that my sister is visiting us this weekend. She’s amazing. Up at the crack of dawn to help me use the bathroom and escape the confines of my room, I’m guaranteed to get more done this weekend than the whole month. I miss her so much; what I would give to have her move down here tomorrow.

The hardest part of her visit is sharing her time. Mom, I get. After all, she helps mom as much as she helps me which helps me even more as I feel there is someone to take the burden. Still the house is tense this morning, all due to me. I have a hard time when mom takes control over everything.

I need to learn how to let this go and not to fight it. What difference this make. It doesn’t so let it go, let it go, let it go 🙂


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