Writing 101 – Powerful Suggestion

When I learned of this course that WordPress was hosting, I decided to jump on-board for a few reasons. First, I needed to get out of the funk I was in and get my creative juices flowing again. I felt ready for the challenge and I liked that there would be daily prompts to stir them up so I could rise above the roadblocks that seemed to pop out everywhere and every time I prepared to write.

Because of my previous track history, I knew there was a high probability that I wouldn’t post every day. This made me appreciate that the pressure was off. Not that I wanted to use that as an excuse or reason not to post, but sometimes the prompts aren’t inspiring. Sometimes life gets in the way. I wasn’t (and haven’t) going to beat myself up if that’s the case.

So far, I’ve been pleased with the amount of participation for which I’ve been able to blog. Yet there was a slight pull of disappointment as I haven’t blogged for a few days in a row now. The longer my silence, the longer it takes me to get back on that proverbial wagon. This is why I was happy that today’s prompt hit the proverbial chord with me today. Not wanting to lose the inspiration I felt when I read the prompt, I thought it was best to seize the moment and blog now because often times I feel the stirrings but if I wait too long, the thoughts I had stored inside me leak out leaving me with nothing but half-baked ideas.

Today’s prompt asked us to blog about the following: What’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you a year (or five, or ten…) ago?

It’s hard to pick one piece of advice. As much as I dislike me a rule-breaker, I’m going to be a rebel here (ha!) and create my own rule and blog about the piece of advice I wish some had given me 10 years ago, then five years ago and then a year ago because, it’s my blog and I can write what I want to!!

There is a quote I love by Joseph Campbell (I used to think that Billy Sunday, a reknown evangelist, was the one who said this, but recent research proved me wrong, wrong, wrong). It goes like this…

I’m guilty of letting life pass me by while I waited on the sidelines for God to put all the pieces of the puzzle together according to the design that I had in store for me instead of trusting him to know what was, is and will be best for me. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for him to watch us flailing about life the way we do when it’s all so unnecessary, if only we would just relinquish control. After all, when you compare our track record of success to his, why would we even question him or demand that things are done our way.

How many times, he must have wanted to grab me by my shoulders and give me a few hard good frustrating shakes. When would my ears open and when would my eyes finally see. He must have wanted to say…

“Debbie! Why would you rather put your faith into a man  in whom, even with love for me, your Lord Christ Jesus, is far from perfect, when I am here, holding out my arms to you. I can provide to you everything you need, when you need it. When and if that time comes that your life will include a partner, then it will happen. Until then, I have provided you with everything you need so stop waiting for me to be your genie in a bottle.I am already so much more than that to you and you already have a life full of abundance.”

Because of my doubts and stubbornness, I took too long to begin, to really begin, to live my life. I regret that I wasted my twenties and thirties waiting for God to do things my way when I should have been praising him and enjoying all thing blessing he was giving to me.

There’s nothing I can do to get those years back; however, I can be certain not to make the same mistake. It starts each and every morning as I thank God for the new day. It continues throughout the day as I continually give thanks to God for each abundant gift that comes my way and it ends each night as I thank God for the blessing of the day. It helps to keep me in continual fellowship with Jesus and with God, our Father.

Five years ago, I wish that someone had told me that “action overcomes fear”. This valuable piece of wisdom was shared with a team of us over five years ago. Playing these words in my head has helped me do things in my life that previously I would have been too afraid to do, but when you think and ultimately act upon them, the words are ultimately truer than truer.

The concept goes like this…when faced with something scary or something that you feel uncomfortable with, the thing that helps you overcome your fear is acting upon the thing that needs to get done. In other words, if you are afraid to give a speech, the one thing that you need to do is give the speech. It’s a simple, yet ridiculously obvious solution. At first during the conference, I hated the idea. But the more I thought about it, the more I understood and bought into the idea.

You know that feeling you get of relief when a task is in front of you that you hate, but once you do it you feel free. Ridiculously free. That’s the action over-coming your fear.

In this last year, I wish I would have been told, let go of your pride. Stop fighting for the right to be right. Being right isn’t important. It’s not a necessity. I haven’t got it all nailed down…yet…likely never, ever will, but as I learn more along the way, I hope I can share what I learn with you. If I remember, I blog about this from time to time, but I’m not making any promises.

One thing for which I’m sure, if I take God along I can’t go wrong. That’s a daily lesson that I pray I will not forget.

By the Power of His Cross, We are Saved


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