Writing 101 – Ripped from the Headlines

For as much time I’m on my laptop (tablet) and iPad, I’m embarrassed to admit the website of my choice to get my daily news fix is Yahoo.

What can I say? It’s convenient and easy. Often there are interesting articles, but too often most of their so-called news is related to Hollywood. I’m not sure about CNN or other news provider, but it does have me thinking abut changing my home page for this reason.

Today’s ripped from the headline article reads, “More Women not having children”.

I didn’t and haven’t read this article. I used to have my laptop set such that I would hover over the article name and a popup box would provide the lowdown about the article helping me decide as to whether I should click on the link and learn more.

Since the hover mouse no longer works, I’m left to my own devices. Today, there was no interest in reading more. This I know, my days of child bearing are sadly over and done. I haven’t given it much thought, but with my grand babies staying with us, surprisingly, I feel those longings from time to time.

For example, today Matt and Ashley headed out at dinner time with the children to get a bit to eat. Ten minutes later they were back through the door. One of the children had thrown a tantrum squashing the dinner plans.

As Matt prepared a homemade dinner instead, Ashley rested on the recliner. Her son, the guilty party, climbed on her lap looking for affirmation, which he quickly received. It was a sweet and tender scene, the two of them talking quietly, the frustration they had when they first returned was slowly erased and love and forgiveness took center stage.

From my vantage point at the kitchen table, I wished the moment wouldn’t end. I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but a girl can wish. Wish for more moments like this. Wish for another child in my life. Wish I could pick up and hold not just a baby of my own, but my grand childen, too. Wish that forgiveness wasn’t so hard to give. Wish that my own children weren’t so big to scoop up and hold so tenderly, even at their current ages.


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