Writing 101 – Three Letter Words

Where do I begin? As quiet as a stealth bomber three letter words in today’s world,  dominate our conversation, including written communication. It used to be that books offered a much more mature vocabulary. While there is still much focus on reading, quality of language is undoubtly dumbed down .

Several years ago, I went online to purchase my daughter books I loved as a child. Reading at that time didn’t rank high on things my daughter liked to do; however that didn’t burst my confidence that these books would pique my daughter’s interest.

A huge favorite of mine, called “Up a Road Slowly”, told a tale of a young girl named Julie growing up with a distant relative after Julie’s mother’s death . My best friend, Laura and I devoured every word, reading it repeatedly.

I didn’t realize then that there were more than simple words throughout each page. They contained sophisticated vocabulary words. Advanced vocabulary words weren’t limited to that book. We found advanced vocabulary words were routinely in other children’s books written around that time period such as Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

It saddens me that we’ve seemed to have dumbed down expectations. I don’t blame texting because this lower expectation took place before texting became prevalent.

So do I blame three letter words? No. Would I like us to figure a means to improve vocabulary? Absolutely. This post, however, is in response to a challenge to write a whole article without a three letter word. Should I be dinged because a book I referenced contains a three letter word? Without a doubt. Is it possible there is another three letter word written above? Probably so.

<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/three-letter-words/">Three Letter Words</a>


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