Where have all the bloggers gone?

For years I was a faithful blogger reader. If you blogged on a consistent basis and there was a quality or substance that caught my heart, it would be promptly added to my bookmarks and devoured along with my Danish and coffee every morning.


i must have been a little late to the party because shortly after I discovered the big bad, wonderful world of blogging, Yahoo and other internet sources began writing about the demise of blogs. The way I looked at it, it was more like the survival of the fittest for it seemed to me the best blogs continued to update their blogs on a regular basis even though it did appear that the number of readers adding comments had undeniably dropped.

Still, my mornings would begin with my cup of coffee while reading my favorite blogs which by then had taken a higher place than reading the morning paper. Our family was still stuck in the land before time scooping up the morning paper from the driveway every morning so this was a major change in my routine.

Last year, however, there was a noticeable increase in bloggers questioning their commitment to continue to maintain their blogs. I found the whole thing rather irritating as it seemed to me that many of the bloggers were on a “me too” roll, which was likely how they began blogging in the first place.

Right about this time my blog writing Begun to hit its stride. I tarried on hoping that I could pick up the audience looking for something to fill the hole the other bloggers were leaving. Their loss would be my gain. Or so I dreamt.

Just as I was gaining momentum, I was hit with three different medical set backs. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t write, couldn’t take photos, couldn’t read. The room would spin uncontrollably or I couldn’t stay awake long enough to write anything.

During this time, I not only lost the habit of writing, but of reading my blogs, too. Now I’m in the process of reconnecting with “my” blogs, many of which either faded quietly into the light  while I was absent or had bid everyone a fond farewell. The ones that really broke my heart were the collaboration blogs, hosted by a bevy of talented, inspiring women. Still, I haven’t been able to pull up my bootstraps and get to serious work. While, I know it’s hcoming (yes, it is, I know it is), the sooner I can get back to it, the better it will be. Today, I found that there are a constiuancy of women who have started a new collaboration called “view finder”. Perhaps it will be the kick in the pants I need to get going, but I’m not counting on it.

p It feels good to know there are still a fair number of bloggers who have not jumped off the band wagon. Time will tell if there are still readers out there who haven’to given up on the writers. I haven’t given up on the whole thing and I hope anyone reading (if anyone is reading this) hasn’t either.

Time will tell…


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