Head for the Hills

This is supposed to be the post above all posts. After all, words and content in my head have played around my head for days on end now that I should be able to write this post in ten seconds flat. Instead, as I sit in front of my laptop, I find myself unable to come up with one clear thought, idea, sentence. I’ve got nothing which makes me feel immensely sorry for anyone out there who happened to stumble upon this poor excuse for a blog.

Run, hide, head for the mountains and put yourself out of the misery, no one will think less of you, but please I beg of you, come back tomorrow, because I haven’t given up on myself.

And if tomorrow the writing still stinks, come back again because it may take more than a day or even a week to get back to the point at which I dropped off the face of the earth. This I promise not just you, but myself too…I will get my writing back on track. I will. If it takes me every day for the next year. I will not give up on myself. I will write that book I’ve wanted to write. I will not give up on myself, not if I need to write every day for the next year. I will finish my other book, “My Story in Lists” before the end of the year. I will. I will not give up on myself, even if I need to write something twice a day every day of the week this year. Okay, enough already, I seriously think you get the drift.

So head for the hills as fast as you can. I promise you, I don’t have a GPS tracking tool attached in anyway to my website so I won’t come stalking you. Come back anyway and if you like what you read, because you never know, I just might be lying about NOT having a GPS tracking tool.


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