The Edge of Life

One of our prompts this week is EDGE. There are so many different directions one can go with this word. It was suggested that we look for straight lines. Seems easy enough except that upon looking at the photos I took the last week, I didn’t see anything that fit the bill. Going back later than that seems like cheating.

After culling through my archives, I decided to look up the definition of edge. Another brilliant idea…or so I thought, but once again I came up empty-handed. It wasn’t the fault of Webster’s, which in addition to the expected reference of a straight line and/or blade, also included the reference to the sharp quality that makes a person/thing who he/she is.

Our edges may be sharp, full of tenacity. There are also times when the edges are soft, full of compassion. Oh, I could see the photo opportunities that would thoroughly provide a picture of the definition, but I had nothing.

So I went back to one of the first photos that caught my eye as it depicts both definitions. It’s a doughnut that my aunt so sweetly brought to me on

Monday. She cut the doughtnut in half, creating an edge indicative of the sharp line Webster first describes in the dictionary.

The other side of the doughnut remained rounded and the whole outside retained the sweet glaze that surrounded the soft, squishy, yeasty interior. Included in the mixture was cinnamon, a touch of nutmeg and vanilla which added a little punch to the taste. A cup of steaming, black coffee provided the final panache. The stark contrast of the coffee offset the sweet qualities of the doughnut. There were edges to both sides making it the perfect combination.


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