Treasured Tidbits

It’s not just the coffee I enjoy while at Dripp…it’s the delicious tasty treasures they serve up at the pastry and ice cream display.

  • There’s the Apple Popover Pie which is a grown-up version of a pop tart
  • The ham and cheese croissant with the flaky, yet softly crispy crust
  • The deliciously decadent ice cream sandwich in which you get to choose not just the cookie desired, but the ice cream flavor scooped into the freshly baked cookie shells
  • An Affogato which consists of a cup of hot espresso loaded with a scoop of the creamiest of vanilla ice cream (we’re in trouble already).

These are just a small sampling of the goodies that await their perfect pairing with a hand brewed cup of joe or a more polished hand-crafted (is that what they are calling it now?) of an espresso-style cafe. These are treasured tidbits of Heaven enjoyed here on earth.


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