A Vast Landscape

The Landscape of Our Backyard

In my current medical situation, my landscape has shrunk considerably. It’s difficult to fathom that I may never get on an airplane again. As I prepared for the womans’ event today, just the thought of getting into the car threatened to rise up and overwhelm me. Ultimately I was able to do it.

Small victories such as these mean a lot. They bring me closer to turning my dreams into realities. I want my landscape to include trips to the ocean, Big Sur, if at all possible. I also long for another trip to France and then to see the Carolinas’ Maine, Vermont and Connecticut, to name just a few states.

If for some reason, God has other plans for me and the plans limit my travel, then so be it. I will find a way to accept it because I won’t do it without him. I’ve tried it before and I know too well how that goes. Not very well. Not well at all. I’d rather my landscape be limited but then, if he is with me, no matter where that be, then it’s not limited at all. It’s as vast as a landscape as I’ll ever see.



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