The Warmth of a Special Serenade

Today’s word was Warmth. The prompt recommended that we use the sun as inspiration which is normally not a problem except that today was one of the few days since the start of summer in SoCal where the sun failed to do its duty. Culling through my photos from the last week didn’t do me much good either until I ran across this beauty from a small get together we had to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

What is it about birthday candles that seem to create a lovely illumination of the birthday girl (or boy) despite the soft light from the candles and the dimmed light in the room? I’ve never noticed until now. Upon looking at birthday pictures of my children over the years, I somehow missed the similarities in the poses throughout the years…

The way the birthday girl (or boy) would lean slightly forward towards the cake. The shy, sometimes embarrassed, smile that graced the face with a brilliant glow, the look of anticipation as wishes danced about the mind and momma hoped and prayed that amongst the presents was the one gift that would make at least one of wishes come true.

No matter the age, there is something special about the ritual. To be surrounded by family and friends, serenading “Happy Birthday” to you no matter how much it sounds like dogs howling because the song is sung too slow for some inexplicable reason. I’ve never figured out why the tempo is suited for a wake not for a birthday celebration, but I digress.

I hope and pray that should I be blessed enough to live to the ripe old age of 93 that I will never tire of the warmth and love that comes from loved ones as they gather around me singing happy birthday no matter how out of tune it may be.


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