Au Natural


One wouldn’t think of hot dogs as “natural” which is today’s Photo 101 word of the day. Upon reading the prompt, this shot best depicts the description.

This was taken at the kitchen table during lunch. Matt had just sat the children down for their meal. The normal routine is this…he prepares lunch for M&R, sometimes it’s the same thing for both, other times it’s different (on those days, I call him a short-order cook). Then he prepares himself his lunch, which is almost always something different.

On this day, he served himself up hot dogs covered in cheese. His meal was interrupted because he didn’t realize he was out of hot dog buns. We took pity upon the poor guy, encouraging him to run to the store and get some more. We would watch the children. It didn’t take much to twist his arm.

His meal was eaten as it often is, in silence, cellphone earbuds screwed deep into each eardrum, eyes glued to the tablet placed strategically in front of him. Normally at this point, I turn the volume of my phone off so as not to ruin the moment as I snap the picture.

I took my first shot, the phone made that small, but disruptive, telltale sound, emulating the camera it longs to be. Matt’s head turned abruptly in my direction. He was not as lost in thought as I first believed. I quickly turned the volume off, not wanting to spoil the moment. I sized up the scene, keying in on the plate of hot dogs, Matthew’s hand cradling one of the hot dog’s wrapped securely in the bun.

I held steady for just one moment not wanting to move too soon nor wait too long. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes timing and the ability to read it is everything. It just feels right when the whole process just seems natural.


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