She’s fallen in love with a brass timepiece I created about seven years ago. In the timepiece is a picture of my grandmother when she was a child. She appears to be approximately 11 or 12 years old. I loved this picture the moment I first saw it. I loved it even more when my youngest brother, Greg, told me that he thought the picture of Grandma looked like me.

Now every time Rori climbs onto my bed, she asks to wear the timepiece and we “talk” about the girl in the picture. I explain to Rori that this is my grandmother and her great-great grandmother. I like to believe that this makes some modicum of sense to Rori because she nods her head as though she understands and repeats “great grandmother her eyes fixated on the young girl staring seriously back at Rori.

I like to believe the reason Rori is so enamored with the necklace has to do with the connection she feels with my grandmother. It makes me happy because one day, in Heaven, she will be united with a variety of people she has connections with even though she may not have officially met them.


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